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Festspielhaus Großer Saal



EUR 18 (free seating)



Dance/Acrobatics  Fli has some big dreams. But this warm-hearted and crazy clown is afraid that other people will laugh at him. Soria Rem and Mehdi Ouachek use impressive choreography made up of hip-hop, contemporary dance and circus arts to explore an imaginary universe.  Amusing, surprising and with a touch of nostalgia, FLI is suitable for all little people with big dreams and all grown-ups who want to rediscover the child in themselves. 

6 years+


Soria Rem & Mehdi Ouachek choreography, Jean-Yves de Saint-Fuscien lighting, Jean du Voyage u. a. music, Jackson Ntcham, Artem Orlov, Kevin Mischel, Manon Mafrici, Ines Valarcher, Soria Rem, Mehdi Ouachek performance

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