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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

A cross-genre art project for young St. Pölten

Note Unfortunately, this event has to be canceled for scheduling reasons in connection with the corona pandemic.




Youth Culture/Dance/Multimedia  BU 2021 will turn the city upside down: young performers will deve.lop a large-scale interdisciplinary stage show in St. Pölten. Ranging from urban dance to music, visual arts, free running, film, street art and contemporary circus, all aspects of the programme will be deve.loped within workshops and BU classes. Alongside Festspielhaus St. Pölten, the Bühne im Hof, the Tonkunstler Orchestra and numerous other communities and initiatives in the city are involved in this extensive outreach project. And what does BU stand for? BeYoutiful – be yourself, because that’s beautiful and good! 


Simon Mayer Direction and Choreography, Farah Deen Urban Dance, Eva Fischer Visual Art, Arno Fürnsinn Freerunning, Niko Mayr Film, Knarf Street Art, Charlie Scheichenost Graphic Design, Ralph Mothwurf Music u. v. m.

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