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Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

Wolf or Little Red Riding Hoods decision on a gut feeling


EUR 18 (free seating)


family performance
6 years and up

Theatre/Live-Music A girl, a red cape, a sick grandmother, a path that must be followed and last of all: a wolf! That much is familiar. But what the Brothers Grimm did not tell us was how difficult it is not to be distracted or lose one’s way. Who might have thought that the girl would not only meet a big bad wolf but also an ambitious rook, a smarty-pants narrator and mole who is almost blind? Christoph Steiner uses actors, puppets and live music to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a new way.


  • Christoph Steiner, concept, direction and acting
  • Helene Payrhuber, set design
  • Paul J. Diwiak, double bass
  • Stefan Matl, accordion
  • Magdalena Susic, violin
  • Elisabeth Weinzerl, clarinet

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