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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Lauren Urquhart . Alfred Eschwé . Tonkunstler Orchestra


EUR 65, 60, 54, 38, 18


Arias from operas and operettas, waltzes and other lively instrumental pieces


Music/Classic/Vocal  Smoke? Noise? Absolutely not: at the traditional Tonkunstler New Year’s concerts, the music alone is more scintillating and spine-tingling, more blossoming and beguiling than any pyrotechnics – the most beautiful fireworks are to be found in the concert hall. The buoyant Viennese sounds of the Strauss dynasty with their waltzes, polkas and marches, enriched with excursions into the realms of opera and operetta and garnished with orchestral treats from all epochs and styles: that special mix for the changing of the year has long been a trademark of the orchestra that brings in an enthusiastic, loyal audience. Happy New Year!


Lauren Urquhart Soprano, Lorenz C. Aichner Conductor, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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