Archive: Knocks in the Night

Festspielhaus Kleiner Saal

Musicians of the Tonkunstler Orchestra . Paul Graf


EUR 12

Suitable for children of ages 4 to 7



* Works by Reynaldo Hahn, Myles Wright, Peter Zambito, Xavier Denis, Leonard Bernstein, Michael Hedges, Jeff Calissi, Enrique Crespo and Joachim Murnig


Music/Chamber Music/Play  A freezing hare seeks shelter in the icy winter night, knocking on the door of Wanja’s hut. Shortly afterwards, a fox and then a bear follow suit. While the snowstorm rages ever more fiercely outside, the four characters sit together, promising not to harm each other. Will they succeed? Wanja has his doubts ...


Gabriel Antão Trombone, Joachim Murnig Drums, Paul Graf Acting, Annechien Koerselman Direction, Nina Ball Props

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