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Si(e)Si – 5mm über dem Boden


Age 10+
B-Girling at it's best! The 360° performance explores the specifics and possibilities of movement with regard to gender identities. A plea for the B-Girls, who are still underrepresented in the world of breakdance.

Dance/Urban B-Girling at its best! In Si(e)Si young women aged between 8 and 38 try to break out from the male-dominated world of breakdancing and show that moves from this 360° performance can be transposed very effectively to the capacities and particular features of their own bodies. What are the movement qualities that can be explored with reference to sexual and gender identities, what are the movement forms with which these express themselves and do they already constitute a vocabulary of their own? Silke Grabinger’s latest coup is part of her long-term project ‘The B-Girl Circle’: the dance builds on stage at thrilling pace in advocacy of B-Girls, who are still underrepresented in social perceptions while hovering “5mm above the floor.”


Silke Grabinger director, concept and choreography, Gergely Dudas choreographic advice, Ludwig Felhofer dramaturgy, Jan Derschmidt light design, Bianca Fladerer costumes and stage design, Farah Deen, Jerca Roznik Novak, Amabel Thomas performance

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