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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Mozart/Concert Arias


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* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Concert arias and instrumental pieces


Dance/Classic/Vocal  Mozart’s concert arias contain a brilliant spectrum of grand emotions. And love itself is always central to them. When Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker brought Mozart’s exquisite stories to life in 1992, she amazed both critics and audiences alike. In between the lavish costumes and great voices, she choreographed light-footed dances of love using modern movement patterns. Her work has long since acquired the status of an avant-garde classic. Now thirteen dancers from Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, three singers and the Tonkunstler Orchestra under Ulises Maino take Mozart/Concert Arias out for another turn on the Rococo parquet at the Festspielhaus.


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Choreography, Jean-Luc Ducourt Direction and Light, Herman Sorgeloos Stage Design, Rudy Sabounghi Costume Design, Emma Posman Vocals, Annelies Van Gramberen Vocals, Raphaële Green Vocals, Pedro Beriso Piano, Ulises Maino Musical Direction, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen Dance, Tonkunstler Orchestra

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