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Dance/Music  Powerful choreography with a political agenda: for Serge Aimé Coulibaly, dance is always social commitment. In his work, the Belgian-Burkinabè dancer and choreographer casts a nuanced perspective on social circumstances. With dancers from Africa and Europe, in Wakatt (“our time”) he explores an omnipresent feeling: fear of the other. What does it mean to live in a time when “the other” is seen as a threat? Together with the musician Magic Malik, he achieves a strong piece about humanity in transition which – despite everything – offers some hope. Because when walls are being built and the latest instruction is to keep our distance, Wakatt is an appeal for empathetic co-existence.


Serge Aimé Coulibaly Concept and Choreography, Magic Malik Composition and Musical Direction, Marion Alzieu, Bibata Maiga, Jean-Robert Koudogbo-Kiki, Antonia Naouele, Adonis Nebie, Jolie Ngemi, Sayouba, Sigué, Snake, Ahmed Soura, Marco Labellarte Creation and Performance, Magic Malik Orchestra: Magic Malik Flute, Maxime Zampieri Drums, Jean-Luc Lehr Bass, Catherine Cosme Stage and Costume Design, Giacinto Caponio Light

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