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Festspielhaus Großer Saal

Guest Performance by Bühne Baden


EUR 52, 47, 40, 28, 12

Program text

* Operetta in three acts by Leo Fall

Operetta Kondja, the Pasha’s daughter, is in love with the European writer André Léry, admiring his liberal attitudes and maintaining an animated correspondence with him. However, on her father’s orders she must marry Ahmed Bey. Little does she suspect that he is in fact the man who has been writing to her. A heady concoction of mistaken identities illustrates the conflict between western cultures and Islam but manages to lead to a happy ending after all… A masterpiece of the operetta form!


  • Michael Zehetner, musical conduction
  • Thomas Smolej, staging
  • Sam Madwar, stage design
  • Agnes Hamvas, costume design
  • Michael Kropf, choreography
  • with
  • Verena Barth-Jurca, Roman Frankl, Alexander Kröner, Nadja Maleh, Stephan Paryla-Raky, Sebastian Reinthaller, Matthias Trattner und Ivana Zdravkova

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